Realme is launching new operating system, company confirmed- China’s phone organization Realme has decided to create its own operating system. It has been reported that Oppo‘s sub-issue Realm is also going to bring its RealmeOS soon.

Immediately, Realme’s phones work on ColorOS, which is built with the help of Oppo. Confirming this information, the CEO of the agency Madhav Seth has also shared some facts about RealmeOS.

What can be unique in reality os

According to media reviews, Madhav Seth has said that the organization has been taking comments from customers for a long time.

At the same time, Seth advised that the Reality study and improvement team was engaged in preparing that specific feature for the operating machine, the document states that this OS of Reality could be primarily based on Android Q.

Similar to OnePlus’s OxygenOs

Although Madhav Seth has not given nearly complete records of this OS now, it is being said that the company will release the stock version of the new OS.

It is estimated that Realme’s new operating system may be very similar to OnePlus‘s OxygenOS. The document states that the company will participate in the improvement of its OS after the release of Android Q.